Pool Plasters

Pool Plasters

Swimming Pool and Patio Experts in Central New Jersey

Do you have a pool that made of concrete? You need to renovate it, so you look for a pool plaster company in New Jersey. Plaster is a mix of white sand or marble, white cement, and water. There are many options for plaster today, but all of the possibility cannot provide the plaster pool company in Northern countries of New Jersey. A few companies can provide all of these services.

At custom pools pro, using a round-edged trowel and a flat, we apply the plaster to the concrete pool structure. Our plaster service is relatively very inexpensive. We provide your pool as an iconic classy and simple look. As plaster has a rough behavior, but we made up this thing for you very easy for your pool. We can add color ceramic and increase the expectation for your dream pool.

We innovate new idea to provide our clients and make them happy with our works.

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