Difference Between Gunite & Fiberglass Pools

A swimming pool is one of the best places in your home to relax and spend quality time. It adds an extra star to your home and makes it more lively. But the confusion arises when you have to choose which one is best suited for your home and meets your family needs as well. Don’t worry! After reading this, you would have the required knowledge to choose the right pool.

Nowadays, gunite & fiberglass are the two most common types of pools. To make your job easier, and help you in getting the right pool for your needs, let’s uncover the differences between gunite pools and fiberglass pools.

Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are the types of pools constructed with a mixture of concrete, sand, and water with an underlying rebar structure. These pools are long-lasting, strong, and stable, but they cost you a bit more than the traditional types of pools.

Key highlights of Gunite Pools:

• Gunite pools can be customized in any shape & design. So, if you are planning to install a pool of your choice, then this is the pool for you. Even the depth is customizable in gunite pools.

• As gunite pools installation is a bit complex, it takes quite some time to get done with all the fittings. So, your home will stay messed up for a few weeks because of all the work taking place onsite.

• Be careful with gunite pools as the edges are a bit rough, and your hands and feet may get bruised. But you’ll get many more years of use from a Gunite swimming pool because of its durability.

• Since the construction of the gunite pool takes a bit longer, you have the flexibility to make changes. It lets you add or remove some features such as waterfalls, built-in rock, fountains, etc during the construction process itself.

• Gunite pools demand maintenance at regular intervals. It’s easy for algae to stick to the walls of these pools. Therefore, owners have to spend more time vacuuming, cleaning, and adding chemicals regularly.

Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are in-mold, hand-crafted pools that are ready to be installed in your yard. As compared to gunite pools, they are less expensive. Fiberglass pools require more space than other traditional types of pools.

Key highlights of Fiberglass Pools

• Maintenance of the fiberglass pool is comparatively easier since the surface is fairly smooth for algae & bacteria to stick. Unlike Gunite pools, you don’t have to spend much time cleaning the wall surfaces.

• It requires spending less money on chemicals.

• These pools are single-piece inserts that are installed into a hole directly, so takes less installation time. The shells are ready-made and pre-designed at the factory. It is delivered as a whole to your property at the time of installation.

• Installing a fiberglass pool requires proper expertise because if not done carefully, it can develop crazing or bubbles.

• Fiberglass also looks pretty and stylish. This is also one of the reasons why homeowners prefer fiberglass pools.

Conclusion – Which one is the best?

Both gunite and fiberglass pools look aesthetically beautiful, but you have to assess your space and requirements to decide which one would be best suited for your home. Ultimately, it all boils down to your desire and on your budget for construction, maintenance, and pool renovation.

Contact Custom Pool Pros as we give unbiased advice to all our customers. We ensure all of your doubts and queries are addressed so you can decide which option is the best.

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