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Salt Water Pools in New Jersey

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A Saltwater Pool uses a salt chlorine generator (or salt chlorinators), and it’s quickly becoming a popular trend among pool owners. It’s functionality and cost effectiveness, along with health benefits, make it an attractive choice. In many ways, it’s like swimming in the ocean. And what better place to have an ocean, than right outside your house?

How is a Saltwater Pool made?

The salt chlorine generator can be added to any compatible pool construction, so you can take add it to the features for the pool you’ve already have. With this pool construction, we convert the water to saltwater and add a chlorine generator to the filtration system. It acts as an effective sanitizer. The salt is not consumed, so the process can repeatedly cycle through.

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The warranty on your Saltwater pool will depend on the pool type you select. We’ll further discuss the options for pool type and the warranty as part of our consultation and installation process. We’ll address any concerns you have, and help you understand how the saltwater option figures into the guarantee.

What Does it Cost?

The cost for a Saltwater pool depends on which type of pool you convert with a salt chlorine generator. The upgrade cost is around $800-$2,000. But you can hire us to install a Saltwater Pool from scratch. While the initial cost is higher for installation, the overall cost for maintenance is lower.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation. We’ll evaluate your yard and offer recommendations for the type of pool package, that will fit into your yard, lifestyle, budget, and required options. We will help you to move forward with the Saltwater pool experience of your dreams.

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