Budget-Friendly Methods for Pool Heating

At the beginning of the fall or spring, heating can cause quite an expensive bill if no economical approach is implemented when heating an inground pool. But for a proper economical way, heating the pool consists of two aspects. First, it depends on how the pool is heated, but also how well you can keep the water warm. The below options are just a few ways that will keep that extra dollar in your pocket.

Here Are Some Affordable Ways To Heat Your Swimming Pool

Use A Solar Cover

Retaining the swimming pool’s heat by installing a solar cover is one of the cost-effective solar pool heaters you can implement. This approach gives you an extra 10 degrees compared to what you get with only a heather. This is because there is big evaporation – as the heat rises, warm water rises to the top of the pool, making it easier to evaporate. As you can imagine, most of it happens during the day. With the solar cover, all that is avoided. Plus, it will assist against debris in your pool, which, as a result, will help with conserving water and lessening chemical consumption.

Solar Pool Cover

Invest in Solar Sun Rings

Another option you can test is wireless solar pool heating. These disc-shaped solar rings are more than just pool toys. Measuring two feet in diameter, they consist of UV-resistant vinyl and two layers that draw in sunlight, store heat, and can keep out coolness. All you need is just a few of these and the effect will be felt across the whole pool, no matter its size.

Solar Sun Rings

Try A Liquid Solar Pool Cover

The liquid solar pool cover is another pool heating system that fights against heat loss and evaporation. As the name suggests, this is liquid that, when poured into the pool, creates a barrier that sits the pool’s water. This liquid does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to swim in. Just avoid this option in case you are in a windy area as that might break the liquid seal.

Liquid Solar Pool Cover

Build A Windproof Pool Enclosure

In areas prone to wind, the optimal choice is a windproof pool enclosure. Wind disrupts the pool’s surface, causing warm water to escape. However, with this enclosure such losses are prevented, ensuring consistent access to a well-maintained pool temperature. The potential drawback lies in the cost, which varies based on the pool size and the materials used for the enclosure.

Windproof Pool Enclosure

Use the Black Hose Trick

In those cases of a smaller pool, the black hose trick is all you need so you can warm the pool water at a bargain. Grab a black garden hose, connect it to the tap, and leave it in an area that has plenty of direct sunlight. Wrap up the hose like a coil and leave enough slack so the spout can reach the pool. With the hose heating up, the water inside it will be warmed up, going directly to the pool.

Snag A Pool Heat Pump

A pool heat pump is always a valuable investment. As warm air is pumped from the atmosphere, a low-energy process is utilized for the pool to be heated. Using the heated air heats the pool much faster compared to the previously mentioned methods. As the pool heat pump uses outside temperature, not propane or gas, these pumps are a great cost-effective way to maintain the pool temperature when it is colder outside.

Pool Heat Pump

Heating the pool will always extend the period you have at your hands towards enjoying it. However, sometimes you might not have the time or capacity to go through the whole procedure. That is where Custom Pool Pros comes in. As a NJ-based family-owned business, they are a team of professional pool builders who can help with anything pool-related. From building a pool from scratch, up to pool maintenance, their master craftsmanship created hundreds of pools over the last decade. Whenever you need to upgrade your lifestyle or want just a quick pool fix, Custom Pool Pros work can be tailored to fit your needs every step of the day.

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