Ways To Keep Your Pool Open In Winter

Winter months are approaching, so is this the time to winterize your pool away? Well, not really! It’s not always for good, and not everyone likes to cover their swimming pools in winter.

But, in what ways they keep their pool open and functioning in the winters?

Well, if you implement and invest wisely in your swimming pool, it is quite possible to keep it in a fully operating condition to use it even in winters. You can keep the fun going all year round without having to worry about anything.

So, here are a few ways to keep your pool open in the winter. Keeping these expert tips in mind will protect the swimming pool from any sort of damage and to ensure it remains seamlessly active and functional. Without any further ado, let’s head straight to the tips!

Winterize the water features – Properly maintaining water features for winter will save your time and money in the following spring. Pool waterfalls & fountains run on their own sets of pumps & pipes, so if you plan to run them along with the pumps, it’s better to close the valves and keep them winterized.

Install a freeze sensor and Pool Heaters – Installing equipment such as a freeze sensor and pool heater is advisable as they keep your pool components safe & prevent from freezing. Automatic timers in the freeze sensor control the pump’s timings whenever the temperature reaches a pre-set limit restraining the risk of damaging the pumps. On the other hand, pool heaters keep the pool temperature constant throughout the winter.

Keep the pumps running- Deploying the right & advanced pumping system is one of the crucial steps to enjoy a successful year-round. It is a common misconception that running the heater of your pool is enough to prevent freezing, and relying solely on them can result in some trouble. An automated pump system has inbuilt sensors that immediately turn on the pump when temperatures come near the freezing point.

Keep the pool clean – Always put in efforts to keep the pool clean at all times. There may be potential dust and debris which can settle in the swimming pool if you don’t pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool. It may cause several problems to the components, as well as your hygiene. Here are some ways to maintain your swimming pool.

Keep an eye on other factors too – When the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll have to pay close attention to your pool to ensure no damage is done. You should also, at all times, keep the pool water balanced by adding appropriate liquids and chemicals. Check the pH levels, alkalinity, and hardness of calcium which are extremely important factors to watch when the temperatures fall. We know it may look a bit difficult but this would ensure your pool is accessible throughout the winter season without any hassle.

Don’t forget to follow these steps at the time of your scheduled pool renovation and maintenance exercise. By taking the right steps such as regular scheduled maintenance, and keeping a good eye on other critical aspects of the swimming pool, you can choose to keep your swimming pool open throughout the year including winters. We have also covered the ways to winterize your pool if you want to.You can invite friends, relatives and celebrate the festivities together in your own pool.

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