Reasons To Include A Fire Pit Around your Swimming Pool

Pools are synonyms for luxury and beauty. And swimming pools with fire pits take the glamour of pools to another level.

Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular among new pool owners. Let’s understand this trend in detail and check the most popular reasons to include a fire pit around your swimming pool.

What is a fire pit?

A fire pit, also known as a fire hole, can be a pit dug in the ground or an elaborate gas-burning structure built up of stone, brick, and metal. The main feature of fire pits is to hold fire and prevent it from spreading. It serves as a dedicated place to hold fire for a longer period.

There are many advantages to having an outdoor fire pit. It offers a great ambiance that complements the gathering and has the potential to keep you warm during colder nights. You can use it as your favorite spot for spending quality time.

5 reasons why you should consider adding fire pit around the pool:

Makes It Look More Attractive – A well-designed fire pit is a sure-shot way to add beauty. When experts design your fire pit, it aesthetically integrates with the landscape and looks magnificent.

There are all forms, styles, and designs that you can choose from. Outdoor fire pits can be either gas-powered or natural wood-burning ones. It can be in round, square, or rectangular shape, whichever fits with landscape and pool design.

Perfect Staycation Experience – Amidst the pandemic, when people are looking for a safe spot, free from the crowd, yet gives a holiday experience, a staycation may be the best choice.

You can pamper yourself without going to some lavish resort. Invite close friends or relatives and enjoy a barbecue session and pool party. Even for romantic evenings, fire pits around the pool create the perfect ambiance. There’s no better setting except fire pits to have a conversation, watch a romantic movie, and share your feelings.

Fresh Air – Whenever you are bored sitting in your house, fire pits by the pool invite you to spend time in warm air and cold water.

It creates a beautiful landscape around the pool. You can always enjoy some me-time or have a fun pool session. No matter how big or small the swimming pool is, fire pits transform it into a luxurious and blissful place.

The flames give the right somber light for your late – night pool sessions. It creates ambiance and light-ups the night darkness and your outdoor entertainment area.

Better Home Value – Home designing experts suggest installing a fire pit increases the luxury quotient of the pool. Which directly results in increased house value.

It boosts the aesthetics of the property and its monetary value. An outdoor fireplace can increase property value by $1,000 to $5,000. So, if you are planning to sell the house or want to rent it out in the future, installing a fire pit is a great investment idea.

That Warm Feeling During Winters – Not only does the fire pit work as a great source for lighting, but also gives you the warm and cozy feeling during those winter evenings when you want to sit by the pool, enjoy the warmth of fire pits, or swim at night.

Imagine sipping your favorite cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate near the swimming pool with the warmth of the natural fire.

Gives You Perfect Landscaping – Fire pits complement the landscaping not just around the pool but also blend nicely with trees, water features, or LED lighting that you may have installed in the backyard.

Next time someone pays a visit, the landscaping, and your place will leave a deep impression on them.

With these points, we can conclude that Fire Pit is a sure-shot way to make your backyard look stunning. If you are considering installing one, contact our experts. Custom Pool Pros are the renowned pool builders who install fire pits to pools and delivers all pool-related services. Get in touch with us and share your requirements! Be it fire pits or any up-gradation to your inground pool we can help.

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