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What is a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool

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A Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool is considered to be stronger then the sister steel wall liner pool.   But in reality the structures are very similar in final use.  The walls are made of cement, but the floor is still just dirt with some thin layer of vermiculite over it and a thin layer of foam separating the liner form the wall cement.  Options are also mostly limited in this type of pool for various reasons.

Features and benefits of a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool

A Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool is very limited in options compared to a gunite pool.   Benches, stairs and any other features included in this type of pool are also made out of concrete and are then vinyl liner covered with a thin layer foam under the liner.  In this concrete pool, the liner will eventually have to be replaced after some years and is not totally dog friendly.

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How is a Concrete Pool with Vinyl Liner made?

Installation of this concrete pool requires assembling forms in the shape of the desired pool with form panels which then make the shape of the pool. Similar to how forms are set up for house foundations, this process takes time. These forms are limited in the shapes of pools you can make since you can not own all the forms that exist. The over dig or disturbed soil around is also great, which then will delay the patio construction. The concrete pool builders pour the concrete into the forms. Once it hardens, the forms are removed, which then becomes the sides of the pool. The liner is then measured and fit over this shape. But again, the floor is just a thin layer of vermiculite over dirt. The concrete pool contractors in Ocean County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Union County charge almost the same price as of a gunite pool. But the concrete wall vinyl liner pools do not have the commercial qualities of a mono-lific cement shell that a gunite pool has.

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