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Porcelain Patio and Paver in New Jersey

Swimming Pool and Patio Experts in Central New Jersey

A Porcelain Patio and Paver are part of the popular hardscape options available for pool owners.

What are a Porcelain Patio and Paver?

Porcelain flooring is frequently used in kitchens or bathrooms. They differ from other materials like stone or concrete because the tiles are less likely to absorb moisture. Pool owners love porcelain because the deck is less likely to get moldy. It’s lower maintenance and it looks great. These clay-based tiles are fired at high temperatures, which gives us a beautiful, easily maintainable and long- lasting solution.

Procelain patio and paver - Custom pool pros


The warranty on the Porcelain Patio and Paver will depend on which pool construction type you select.  We will go over all your questions during on-site consultation and evaluation process, before installation.

What Does it Cost?

The cost for a Porcelain Patio and Paver depends on several factors including the pool type, your yard, and the features that you include. The prices vary from $5-$10 per square foot for the upgrade, however maintenance cost is a money saver.

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