Why Choose a Fiberglass Inground Pool

If you are thinking about purchasing an inground pool, doing detailed research is probably one of the first steps you will take. No matter the type of pool you decide to go for, knowing all the benefits, cons, and pros of each type will always go a long way. Below, you will be able to read more in detail about what the fiberglass pool can bring to the backyard, how the installation will go, and what you should expect regarding costs and maintenance. Deciding afterward should be a lot easier.

Top Reasons to Choose a Fiberglass Inground Pool

If you’re considering the addition of an inground pool to your backyard, you might be pondering over the best material to choose. With numerous options available, fiberglass is gaining popularity among homeowners. Here are some reasons why homeowners prefer fiberglass pools over other types.

Quick Installation

Fiberglass Pool Quick Installation

In many cases, fiberglass pools take just 24 hours to install but no longer than a few days. This factor presents an advantage and selling point compared to the other types of pools, where the setup can take even three weeks or more. Many times, based on the size and format of the fiberglass in ground pools, landscape projects or pool patios can be started the next day.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other traditional inground pools, fiberglass pools need way less maintenance. Due to the material, dirt doesn’t stick to the walls or floor, which lessens the possibility of algae formation. With no algae, overall maintenance becomes simple and quicker. Additionally, as the fiberglass pools do not need a liner or paint replacement, an area which additionally makes cleaning harder, these pools are the solution for any busy family who would like to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying an afternoon swim.


When someone is confident about what they offer you, they guarantee their product. Fiberglass pool manufacturers are so confident that the choice of materials is solid that many offer a lifetime warranty. And while fiberglass pools cost a little more on the purchase and installation side, the easy maintenance lasts for the duration of the pool, thus, keeping the upkeep expenses to such a minimum that the overall costs are less expensive to others.

Healthier for Your Family


It is partially connected with the maintenance required to keep fiberglass pools clean but also relates to the pool’s environment. Algae, for instance, pose a maintenance challenge. However, with any other type of pool, you would need plenty of chemicals to clear it out completely. But with the fiberglass pool, the non-porous surface stops the algae from sticking to the walls, making it a less likely problem and leaving you with a healthier environment in the first place.

Less Chemicals

Additionally, with the smooth and non-porous surface, algae will not have a chance, making you use fewer chemicals for cleaning purposes. The longer this process stays like this, the more you will save. As fiberglass pools also do not need re-plastering or acid washes, the savings through time will be more in the thousands of dollars.

Less Energy to Heat

It might be one of the top advantages of fiberglass pools: their capacity to retain heat. The fiberglass acts as an insulating material, which, in return, makes the water in the pool 8 degrees warmer compared to the water in other group pools. Additionally, some pool installers ensure that the pool insulation is better than usual, further reducing the heating costs.

Increased Durability

One strong advantage of fiberglass pools is their high durability on the inside and outside. The pool will bring years of enjoyment as the structure and surface are created from high-quality fiberglass. Fiberglass pools are expected to last at least 50 years, but some manufacturers guarantee a lifetime.

Efficient Installation Process

Efficient Installation of Fiberglass Pool

Firstly, as the fiberglass pool is a shell that comes directly to your home, installation takes some time. The shell is set into the ground, and pool backfilling starts. Adding water is crucial, as the water pressure needs to be equalized on the inside and outside of the shell. Although a mandatory step, this process still takes just a bit of the overall time needed when placing any other type of swimming pool. Two to six weeks would be enough to complete everything, including the patio.

Deciding on the type of inground pool is never a small decision. Planning and investment would be heavily affected by what you decide, not only during the initial setup but years after that as well. By knowing the fiberglass pools’ advantages, you can prepare yourself better for what to expect, how to make this project to be practical and functional, and still have the results you have always wanted.

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