Most Popular Swimming Pool Water Feature to Add To Your Pool

Water features in a pool add joy and life to your swimming sessions. A swimming pool is probably the ultimate luxury for any property, and equipping it with the latest water features only adds to it. Not just swimming sessions, but it also makes the pool more pleasing to the eye.

Adding stylish water features like beautiful mini fountains impresses your guests and with the soft waterfall sound trail. Not just pool fountains, you can upgrade your existing pool with any water feature. All you need is a skilled team of pool contractors!

Let’s discuss more on pool water features in details:


How Pool Water Features Benefits Your Swimming Pool?


1. Makes Your Pool Look Attractive

Swimming pools in luxurious resorts or five-star hotels are loaded with water features. It is a style and luxury statement. It makes the pool look more attractive and high-class. Everyone visiting your home would be impressed by these water features as they give an instant feel of comfort and style.


2. Relaxing Pool Environment

You can make your swimming session more relaxing and enjoyable with water features. Each moment you spend in your pool would bring a sense of calm. The sound of water gushing will make you relax and forget all your worries. It can be your perfect spot to relax after a tiring day at work.


3. Increases the Usage of The Pool

Water features make swimming sessions so exciting that you’ll be zealous to get into the pool more often. Not only you, but each member of your family and close friends would also love to dive in.


4. Increase Property Value

Water features are not just an addition to the pool but also an addition to your property. At the time of selling your house, you can expect extra rewards for these investments. They increase the value of the property while making the pool look impressive.


Types of Swimming Pool Water Features


Also commonly known as gushers. One of the most widely used water features for all types of inground pools. These are small jets placed neatly in a pool’s shallow surface, which pushes new streams of pool water. It results in bubbles and ripples in the pool. You can customize the height of the stream and speed as well. If you have kids at your place, they would love being in the pool, so would you. You can also add colorful lighting features to make it more attractive.

Bubblers - Bubblers Pool Water Features
Rock Waterfalls Pool Water Features

Rock Waterfalls

Rock Waterfalls are perhaps the most popular pool water features. They are everywhere, from big mansions to five-star resorts. Waterfalls are formed with boulders or rocks to bring a natural swimming pool design. It gives a natural waterfall-like appearance. That’s how precise it could be!

Rainfall Curtain

A narrow sheet of water mounted on a pergola roof, which constantly falls into the swimming pool. It creates a stunning visual appeal and makes the poolside look more appealing.

Rainfall Curtain Pool Water Features
Pencil Jets Pool Water Features

Pencil Jets

Pencil jets arcs are perfect for adding beauty to the geometrically designed swimming pools. Jets are placed strategically at certain angles to throw water more appealingly. It is usually positioned right below the deck to shoot a stream of water elegantly.

Spillover Spa

It is a built-in spa that’s beautifully placed right above the swimming pool. It works as a functional water feature as it spills directly into the pool.

Spillover Spa Pool Water Features
Fountain Pool Water Features


You can choose from a wide range of options depending on the style and size of your pool. Select a fountain theme that suits your current landscape design. It will add a luxury feel to your property.


A scrubber is a spout or slot which is connected with a pedestal or the walls. The water flow style would vary, such as sheet, trough, and chute.

Scuppers Pool Water Features

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