Everything You Should Consider When Planning for a Pool

Planning for a pool requires thoughtful consideration since many aspects require careful decision-making. Factors like pool size, shape, location, and landscaping play a role in crafting your ideal backyard oasis. Additionally, don’t forget about safety features, maintenance considerations, and any local regulations that may impact your pool project. The list of choices is long, but we have compiled the most important ones here in this blog. Keep reading to discover which boxes need to be checked off as you plan out your swimming pool construction project.

Things You Need to Know Before Building A Pool

Choosing the type of pool is a crucial decision. Each option – above-ground, in-ground vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete – has its own set of benefits and concerns.

Above-ground pools are often more affordable to install, while in-ground options like vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete offer greater customization and durability.

Carefully consider factors such as budget, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements when making this decision. Also, you might have options that would increase your property’s value if you ever decided to sell it.

Consider your budget

Additionally, the choice of pool type and construction materials plays a role in determining the overall cost of building a pool. Factors like durability, maintenance, and aesthetic preferences should also considered when making such decisions. One other aspect of the total pool cost involves not only the bill for the direct construction but also the potential hidden expenses associated with features like electricity, landscaping, retaining walls, and fencing. Being aware of these additional costs upfront helps in better budget planning that is why pool contractors usually give an itemized list with dollar amounts included in their quotes.

Consider your pool budget

Size, Shape, and Depth

Moreover, when selecting a pool size, aligning it with your lifestyle and personal preferences is crucial. Thus, rather than going with a popular trend, you can choose a size that best suits your needs and enhances your overall enjoyment of the pool. Plus, you still have to work within the constraints of the size of your yard.

Yard Conditions

Along with the amount of space you have to work with, you also have to take note of other conditions in your yard that the builders would have to work with. Includes any trees and shrubbery as well as the quality of the ground that gets excavated. Will it hold up? These are all crucial factors that affect your swimming pool’s installation.

Furthermore, you and the pool contractor will likely go over landscaping and hardscaping details to ensure that your new aquatic oasis will be a good fit.

Yard Conditions

Choose your builder wisely

The pool builder you decide on understands the four fundamental principles that relate to pools — water chemistry, air distribution, mechanical equipment, and architecture. A deficiency in any single component affects the finished product and all the other parts. So, take your time finding a reputable, licensed pool contractor with an extensive portfolio of previous projects who can give you an accurate quote.

Pool Building Timeline

Indeed, a well-structured timeline for the pool’s construction is a valuable tool for project management. This tool establishes a transparent roadmap, guaranteeing tasks follow logically and milestones are reached, facilitating successful and timely project completion. Crucially, possessing such a schedule enables the swift identification of areas for adjustment in case of any delays.

Pool Building Timeline

Pool Safety Considerations

Safety measures like a four-foot-high fence with a locked gate are crucial for preventing unauthorized access to the pool, especially for children. Ensuring the fence is difficult to climb and maintaining a clear perimeter around it enhances overall safety by minimizing potential hazards.

Pool Insurance Coverage

Yes, insurance companies often consider portable above-ground pools as personal property. Typically, personal property coverage on a homeowners policy provides coverage for personal belongings, including portable pools, at a percentage of the dwelling coverage, often around 50%. It’s important to review your insurance policy for specific details and coverage limits.

Pool Insurance Coverage

A comprehensive look at these factors will help ensure a successful and enjoyable swimming pool project. If you’re planning to construct a pool, the contractors at Custom Pool Pros will collaborate with you to incorporate the pool into your home’s design. Creating a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space and enhancing both the recreational and property value aspects for homeowners.

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