How to Take Care of Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Of all pool types, fiberglass pools are low-maintenance compared to the others. And not only that, but the process is also quicker. While you can always hire a cleaning service, some people feel comfortable cleaning their fiberglass pool by themselves, which brings the cost of maintaining a pool down to a minimum. Below are a few maintenance tips that, if done correctly, can be of great assistance in keeping your pool in great shape.

Maintenance Tips for Fiberglass Pool

You probably selected an in-ground fiberglass pool for its convenience—it arrives in a single piece and is installation-ready. The non-porous gel-coat surface is easy to clean and demands less upkeep than other pool variants. Below, discover valuable tips to maintain your fiberglass pool’s cleanliness and condition. Learn the best methods for caring for your fiberglass swimming pool.

Proper Chemical Balancing

Whether your swimming pool is big or small, utilizing pool chemicals to clean it will always yield positive results enhance your pool maintenance routine, and sanitize your pool. Using chemical formulas is crucial if you want your water to be balanced; otherwise, you face scaling, staining, and corrosion. Through test strips, liquid reagent kits, or a digital water testing device. If you want to ensure the quality of your water, you can measure its PH, alkalinity, and dissolved solids. As long as you have knowledge of the acceptable levels and there are no other concerns, this should suffice.

Proper Chemical Balancing

Regular Skimming and Cleaning

Different ways of cleaning your pool include skimming, vacuuming, water filtering, and chemical treatment. There are three ways to clean a pool. The first is automatic, where a robot cleans, making it the most efficient and effortless method. The second option is manual, but it’s up with all the debris. The third way is to hire a pool cleaning service, which ensures a healthy pool environment but comes with a cost. Additionally, using a swimming pool protects against dust and debris.

Brushing the Pool Walls and Floor

Any swimming pool cleaner can tell you that brushing your pool is crucial to its cleanliness. Cleaning the pool walls and floor will keep all surfaces tidy, preventing biofilm and algae from forming.

Maintaining Water Level

When it comes to maintaining the water level. This allows for enough weight to balance out the groundwater pressure. But if draining the pool is important, consult an expert and ask them to do it. Just know that no matter the type of pool, some water is always needed so the shell remains intact.

Pool Water Level

Running your pool filter

All pools have a filter system. But it all depends on how long the filter runs. Fiberglass pools, with one round, should keep your pool water clean. It will save you plenty of electrical energy and, with that, money. The swimming pool cover is crucial when the filtration system is not running.

Professional Inspections

No matter the age of your pool, regular inspections will help you save tons of time, money, and even stress in the long run. With all the fun activities people do in the pools, additional maintenance always follows. However, with timely inspections, you can always be on the safe side. For this reason, try to find a company that can educate you on all the safety requirements.

Professional Inspections

Owning a pool is not a matter of mere setup and neglect. Having a certain level of understanding about pool cleaning and maintenance contributes to the genuine enjoyment of the pool. If you’re considering building your dream swimming pool, Custom Pool Pros is the best choice for you. Our team of specialists can customize and make the perfect pool that meets your preferences and guarantees long-lasting pleasure without any trouble. Contact us now to transform your dream pool into a reality.

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