What is the Best Type Of Inground Pool?

A swimming pool is a dream addition to your property. It takes a lot of planning and consideration as you get to enjoy a dedicated place where you spend some quality time. A pool makes your property much more lively and happening by adding that much needed sheen. But we all know, finding the right type of pool is a little bit confusing.

Choosing the right type of Inground pool largely depends upon individual needs and requirements. There are certain key factors that determine which kind of swimming pool you should opt for. According to pool experts a vinyl liner pool is generally considered as a less expensive option to install than a gunite pool. Cost is the real differentiator between these two types of Inground pool.

You need to select the right one as per your budget. Both these types of pools have their own advantages and benefits that we will talk about in great detail here in this blog post. So if you are looking for more information around Gunite and Vinyl Liner pools then you are certainly at the right place. Let’s have a look!

What is Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools are one of the most common types of inground swimming. Gunite is known to add incredible strength, superior levels of design, better flexibility and enhanced aesthetic quality to your pool. Gunite is a blend of sand, cement, and water applied through a high-pressure hose. It takes some time to settle but once the mixture dries, gunite results in a rock solid structure thus solid structure.

Advantages of Gunite Pool

Some of the main advantages of Gunite pool are:

Gives you superior Design and flexibility

Gunite pools are known for some of the best designs and features. The pools that you often see in the luxurious resorts and five star hotels are usually Gunite. These pools are built on site and pool owners enjoy a wide range of design possibilities. With Gunite, you get flexibility to opt for any type of design, pattern, texture, and theme of your own choice.

Provides Strength

Gunite pools are the sturdiest pools as they have sold build and firm structure. Gunite adds unparalleled strength because of the solid framework. These types of pools last longer than standard pools.

Reasonable Cost and Longevity

Although Gunite pools are slightly towards the higher range of the budget but it mainly depends upon the size and area of the pool. If you look at the long term advantages of gunite pool, you would find the cost of the pool reasonable compared to other types of pool.

Increases value of your property

Installing a gunite pool adds a unique charm to your property and enhances its value significantly. So if you eventually want to sell out or rent out your property then this could be a great investment for you. Gunite pool will certainly give you better ROI compared to traditional pools.

What Is A Vinyl Liner Pool?

A Vinyl Liner Pool often has a custom-made sheet of vinyl which is added between the water and the pool structure. Vinyl liners generally lock the top edge, also called a bead, into the pool track located right at the bottom of the coping, at the deck level. Below the Vinyl liner is a solid structure made up of either sand or concrete.

Advantages Of Vinyl Liner Pools

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with Vinyl Liner pools. This can be your best bet particularly if you’re on a budget. Some of the key advantages are:

Low Initial Set Up Cost

Vinyl pools are popular for being the first choice of pool owners who look for economical range to build their dream pool. Cost is definitely the main advantage of Vinyl Liner Pools. It is significantly less expensive compared to other types of inground pool. In fact, you can call it the least expensive in the overall category after fiberglass installation.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Installation of Vinyl Liner pool is also a lot easier and quicker. It takes just a few weeks and you get your pool ready. If time is a constraint then Vinyl Liner is your go-to choice. Gunite pools take more time and also demand regular maintenance. Gunite can give rise to algae formation around the walls of pools. It takes a lot of effort and time in the form of vacuuming, maintaining, cleaning and adding chemicals to the pool on a regular basis. But with Vinyl Liner Pool it is a lot easier.


Vinyl liners are generally non-abrasive and extremely smooth. It is an ideal pool particularly if you have kids or family members who are sensitive to the pools. You would feel the difference with Vinyl Lining Pool as they are soft to the touch unlike Gunite which is a bit rough and feels a little corrosive when touching with hands and feet.

Which one is the best type of Inground pool?

It depends upon your budget, requirements and use. It is advisable to seek professional help if you are looking to install an inground pool in your property.

Monmouth Pools NJ is one of the best pool contractors in the region. We can install a pool of your choice and liking. Just share with us your expectations. We will not only meet but exceed all your expectations. Whether you are looking for a basic vinyl liner pool or a custom gunite or concrete pool loaded with features that you always wanted. Whatever the case, we are here to help you! Call us today for unbiased consultation.

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