Pros & Cons Of Gunite Pools

Gunite pools, you may also know it as concrete pools, are one of the most common in-ground pools. Gunite gives unparalleled levels of design flexibility and aesthetic quality to your pool. The mixture of sand, cement, and water gives solid structural strength.

Pros and Cons of Gunite Pools

Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of gunite pools would help you make an informed decision. Let’s have a detailed look!


Adds More Value to Your Home:

Gunite pool adds a different charm to your property and increases its value significantly. Gunite pools provide you with a tremendous increase in value.

Design and Flexibility:

Gunite pools are built on-site, and thus, offer a variety of shapes & designs. As compared to fiberglass pools, which come as prefabricated shapes, gunite gives you the flexibility to choose the design, texture, pattern, and theme of your liking.

Offers Strength:

Gunite pools are known to be sturdy and firm. It is because of the steel framework and concrete build, which lets it retain its shape over an elongated period. Durability and strength are the characteristics that set gunite pools above from the rest.

Versatility and Additions:

You can get any size or shape in gunite pools. This pool is made on the site, which lets you build a design, which fits and blends well with your current landscape. You can also add any feature in your pool, from a spa, fire pit, tanning ledge, water curtain, or anything you can think of, you can add it to your pool.


Installation Time:

Since all the work is done on-site, and concrete takes significant time to settle and cure, the overall installation process becomes slightly time-consuming. It may take as much as 2 months or more to finish the pool from scratch.

Operational Costs:

Compared to other pools, gunite pools have higher operational costs. Adding high-end accessories makes it more expensive, as energy and costs of items also add up. Timely repair costs of those items are also a part of operational cost.

Maintenance Heavy

Maintenance costs are also slightly high compared to other pools. Regular maintenance is crucial, otherwise, it may become breeding grounds for algae and other bacteria. Therefore, the cost of chemicals required to clean and stabilize the pH of the pool water also adds to the maintenance costs. Regular maintenance and pool draining are part of pool maintenance too.

Now that you have a better understanding of all pros and cons of the gunite pool, you can make a better decision. Gunite pools are synonymous with luxury and provide unbeatable value for each buck you spend. The key, however, remains in hiring a skilled team of gunite pool builders. If you are looking for a responsible and trustworthy pool builder in Monmouth, NJ, contact us. Expect only quality customer services and excellent pool designs in every installation you get.

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